Explore the tasting trail along Sydney's waterfront, discovering the diverse flavours of The Streets of Barangaroo.
Sydney’s favourite restaurants will be serving tasting plates of signature dishes from market-style stalls outside each venue from $5 to $15. From burgers to caviar, bao buns to baklava, there's something for everyone.

Join top hospitality heavyweights at our 'Food for Thought' Speaker Series and nibble on native ingredients at our First Nations Native Food Market hosted in the lobby of One International Towers.

Taste, Wander, Nibble, Savour.

(and don't forget to stop and smell the rosé!)



The Tasting Trail

Anason new offer.png

Manti - Mini Dough Parcels, Beef Filling, Garlic Yoghurt, Mint, Sumac  $12
Lahmacun - Thin Base Ground Beef & Lamb Belly Pizza, Antep Spices $8


Belles Hot Chicken.png

Two Wings tossed in Traveller Spice, served with white bread, pickles and Alabama white sauce $10
House Lemonade, Peach Tea $6


Jamon croqueta $6 (1pc)
Gazpacho $6 
Grazing plate of Chorizo pamplona, Manchego, Guindillas $18

Chi Mango Pancakes .jpg

Spicy Cumin Lamb Skewer $10
Chi's Cha Siu Fried Rice $15
Mango Pancakes $14 (2pc)


Uni Roll on Toasted Brioche $19
Booze & Bump - 3 grams of Kaluga Caviar paired with a glass of Villa Sandi Prosecco $29 or with a glass of NV Laurent Perrier La Cuvée Champagne $38


Chicken Karaage with Kewpie Mayo $8
Spicy Szechuan Chicken Karaage with Spicy Kewpie Mayo $10
Chicken Karaage Milk Bun $9 (2pc)



Prawn and Pork Rice Paper Rolls $9 (2pc)
Mini Crackling Pork Banh Mi $9
Vietnamese Iced Coffee "Ca Phe"  $5

Chashu Fried Rice (1).jpg

Chicken, Leek and Truffle Spring Roll $4
Duck Fried Rice $14

OYSTER 2.png

Oysters with Finger Lime $15 (3pc) 
Tuna Crudo $15 (2pc)


Pork Belly Bao Bun $9
Rice Cake Skewer $10
White Soy Kingfish $12
Yuzu Lemonade $6


Prawns Pad Thai  $15
Chopped chicken, chili and basil with rice $15
Fish cakes $10 (3pc)
Spring Roll $10 (4pc)
Coconut & Pandan dessert $5


Pulled Pork Burger $15
Brisket Roll $15

REKODO_Menu_StevenWoodburn_47_Chirashi don.jpg

Chirashi Bowl $18
Takoyaki $16
Beef Kushiyaki $18 (2pc)
Yakitori $16 (2pc)
Okonomi Sticks $18 (2pc)
Loaded Fries $16


Scoop of Gelato $6.50

spiced by billus.png

Samosas and Chutney $12 (2pc)
Mango Lassi $8



Tequila Daisy.png

Kingfish Tostada $15 (2pc) 

Toastie smith.jpg
Sausage Sizzle Toastie $9.95
Yakisoba Toastie $13.95
Sweet and Sour Fried Chicken Toastie $14.95


Tombik Baklava and coffee.jpg

Baklava & Turkish Coffee $4 each or both for $7

torotoro chips.JPG

Burdock Chips $16
House Made Sodas $8
Yuzu & Mandarin
Watermelon & Strawberry
Ginger & Passionfruit

Rib Burger Butchers Block.jpg

Beef Short Rib Slider $14
Takeaway coffee from $4.5

Ume Burger.png

Lotus Crisps $6 
Seaweed Salt
Salt and Vinegar
Natural Sodas $6
Yuzu and Brown sugar Soda
Ginger and Passionfruit Soda
Japanese Plum Soda
Strawberry and Vanilla Soda

MicrosoftTeams-image (15).png

Vegan Toasties $10 
Non Alcoholic Frosé $8

MicrosoftTeams-image (18).png

Truffle Fries with Parmesan $8.50

Honey Prawns (1).jpg

Honey Prawns with Japanese Coleslaw $15 (4pc)

Untitled design.png

Take a seat in The Canteen food court and enjoy your favourite grab and go dishes

Special Event - Sustainable Seafood Lunch


On Saturday 29 October from midday enjoy a 4 course shared seafood menu at Cirrus for $140 pp. Hosted by head chef Brent Savage and Australia’s seafood expert John Susman discussing all things seafood.



The Speaker Series

To kick off the festival on Saturday, ‘Food for Thought,’ a speaker series of Sydney’s top hospitality heavyweights will be hosted in the lobby of One International Towers. Hosted by leading Australian food media personality, Myffy Rigby, the sessions will take the form of conversations along with tips and tricks for you to take back to your home kitchen.

Saturday 29 October
(Timings subject to change)

11.00 Smoking Ceremony / Midday - Welcome to Country & Indigenous performance  / 12.30 - Caroline Noller – ‘Sustainability in Hospitality’ - Myffy Rigby & Matt Moran / 1.15 - Clinton Schultz from Sobah / 2.00  - Rebecca Sullivan and Damien Coulthard / 2.45 - Brent Savage & John Susman


Join us to kick off The Great Graze with a traditional ceremony including Welcome to Country, smoking ceremony and Indigenous performances. 

Myffy Rigby

Myffy Rigby is an Australian writer, editor, cookbook author and presenter. Her work has appeared in Bon Appetit, Conde Nast Traveller, Gourmet Traveller, Time Out, AFR and Good Weekend just to name a few. For the last seven years Myffy has been editing The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide – the country’s most prestigious and influential restaurant guide – and feature writing for the Herald’s weekly section, Good Food. She is currently editing Swill magazine. 

Matt Moran

Matt Moran has played a central role in the Australian food industry for more than 30 years. Matt has a plethora of awards to his name, a handful of best-selling cookbooks under his belt, and is the tour de force behind some of Australia’s most celebrated dining establishments including Aria, Chiswick and Barangaroo House.

Brent Savage.jpg
Brent Savage

Brent Savage is chef and co-owner of renowned Sydney venues Cirrus, Bentley Restaurant, Monopole & Yellow, each of which holds two chef hats in the 2019 Good Food Guide. Brent has a reputation for exciting, innovative food which is at the forefront of contemporary dining. He has twice been awarded the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide Chef of the Year (2005 and 2015) and has travelled the world cooking as a guest in some of the world’s best restaurants.

John Susman 2.jpeg
John Susman

John Susman is senior partner at Fishtales, an agency providing counsel to catchers, processors, Government and Industry bodies, retailers, restaurateurs and fisheries managers. Susman has been catching, processing, selling, marketing and mostly eating seafood professionally for the past 30 years.

fnfc+family (1).png
Rebecca Sullivan and Damien Coulthard

Rebecca Sullivan is a self-taught cook and has worked with some of the world’s best food producers, academics, activists, and chefs. A food curator, consultant, TV presenter, activist, author, regenerative farmer and social entrepreneur having founded Australian Native wellbeing brand Warndu with her partner Damien. Damien Coulthard is from Adnyamathanha country in the Flinders Ranges. He grew up in Quorn and Nepabunna South Australia, very connected to his heritage and culture.


Clinton 3 qtr shot.jpg
Clinton Schultz

Dr Clinton Schultz, founder of Sobah Beverages, Australia's first-to-market non-alcoholic craft beer company with a range of brews featuring Australian native food. Dr Clinton Schultz, a Gamilaraay man and registered psychologist, has a keen interest in holistic wellness. A natural self-starter and former chef, Clinton is always looking for innovative ways to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Clinton founded Marumali Consultations (2009) and Sobah Beverages (2017), and is currently Director of First Nations Health and Wellbeing at The Black Dog Institute. Clinton speaks regularly on topics of mental health and wellness, social entrepreneurship, and pioneering the no-lo beverages category in Australia. 

Caroline Noller.png
Caroline Noller

Caroline is recognised internationally for her contribution to the development of property whole building life cycle carbon assessment, green building standards and sustainable design practice. She founded The Footprint Company with the vision of enabling low carbon design leadership globally – via the cloud-based software systems which she created via her doctoral studies. Caroline has driven world class sustainability outcomes for real estate companies including Lendlease, The GPT Group, Frazers and CapitaLand.

SydneySolstice2021_Sydney_MichaelRodrigues _CREDITDestinationNSW _PM-004.jpg
Michael Rodrigues

In February 2021 Michael was announced as the state's inaugural 24-Hour Economy Commissioner, a role he commenced on 29 March 2021. Michael launched the Time Out brand in Australia under license in 2007 and in recent years, prompted by the challenges facing Sydney's night-time economy, he launched and chaired the Night Time Industries Association which was instrumental in shaping the NSW 24-Hour Economy Strategy.



First Nations Native Food Market

Presented by Native Foodways, a First Nations owned and led social enterprise, collaborating with people from all communities across Australia, to strengthen the native food system in a way that is regenerative, culturally respectful, and benefits First Nations Peoples. Their mission is to grow, harvest, process,cook, and share native foods with everyone.


Transparent Logo Native Botanical Brewery.png
Native Botanical Brewery

Native drinks that connect people to Country and Community

warndu transparent logo.png

On a mission to REGENERATE culture, community, tradition, health seas and our soils

Transparent Logo chocolate on purpose.png
Chocolate on Purpose

Creating delicious chocolate experiences infused with ancient wisdom and a mission

Transparent Logo (5).png
Bush to Bowl

100% First nations owned social enterprise giving back to our Mob, Country and the wider community through Education and growing native plants and produce

Transparent Logo My Dilly Bag.png
My Dilly Bag

My Dilly Bag works sustainably with Aboriginal communities that grow and harvest Australian Sovereign Food and Botanical ingredients 

Transparent blak cede.png
Blak Cede

Empowering Aboriginal women on the South Coast to share their traditional native foods and botanicals

Transparent Logo Unexpected Guest.png
The Unexpected Guest

The Unexpected Guest creates a range of Wholesome Snacks that are bursting with Indigenous Superfoods and local produce

Amber's Food Wraps Logo.png
Amber's Wraps

Aboriginal owned and made bees wax food wraps that showcase culture

The Entertainment

Maple Rose.png
Maple Rose

Sydney based duo featuring the prodigious vocal talents of Juliette Rose and the Guitar wizardry skills & backing vocals of Matt Vail.

dj longtime.png
DJ Longtime

Newly arrived in Sydney after decades headlining Beach Hotel Byron Bay and YotClub, Australia's pioneer of Barbecue House, DJ Longtime delivers a boundless array of old school edits, warm underground grooves and uplifting classics.


Steff is an accomplished vocalist and performer that performs in many Duos, accompanied with a DJ and with her long standing wedding band Stef, Cam & Ron.

YKDR 3.jpg

Ricky & Johnny are the 2 vibe masters that makeup YKDR (You Know Dam Right).
Charismatic Kings of progressive and deep house.

Alex Hurt - Entertainment.png
Alex Hurt

A self-taught musician with a keen understanding of playing to the crowd, Alex thrives on merging new and old songs. With a repertoire ranging from ACDC to Ed Sheeran, Alex is guaranteed to get everyone dancing. 

Dusk - Entertainment.png

Sydney vocalist Danielle Lamb and guitarist Matty Jay provide immaculately chilled acoustic grooves, using a loop pedal, percussive guitar and honey dipped vocals, ‘Dusk’ is a Duo that brings a full band sound to their unique feel-good mix of Pop, R&B, Soul, Jazz & Classic hits for your listening pleasure.