The Canteen

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The Canteen

2 Dec 2020

A contemporary showcase of quality, casual dining, and crisp, modern design.


They say that the kitchen is the soul of a home, a place where meals are made; where we gather and share. If The Streets has its own metaphorical ‘kitchen’, it's surely The Canteen. A welcoming, democratic space which serves fast, quality food and a communal culture, The Canteen is the heart of the neighbourhood (both figuratively and practically).

At its core, The Canteen is a social space designed for people to eat, relax, meet and socialise. Think of it as your ‘third space’ - a home away from home, an office away from the actual office. A place to escape, to recharge, to brainstorm; to meet, to snack, to sip. With its sophisticated design, The Canteen celebrates its position by seamlessly connecting with the streets and the outdoors, and embracing nature in delightfully innovative ways.

Step inside The Canteen and you'll discover a hand-picked selection of some of the best names in Sydney's casual food scene, serving delectable and authentic international flavours:

-  Adanos Grill (tasty Middle Eastern fare)
-  Georgie Boy’s Coffee Co  (baguettes and beautiful coffee)
-  Holy Basil  (the best of Thailand on a plate - or in a bowl)
-  Ipoh Town  (Malaysian-inspired street food)
-  Iron Grill  (breakfast plus classic burgers and wraps) 
-  Pasta Pantry  (pasta, salads and all things Italian)  
-  Silverbeet  (breakfast, fresh salads, spit roasted meats and baked goods)
-  Sushi Hon  (freshly made Japanese cuisine)

Catering to the demands of modern life, the menus are rich in taste, authenticity and quality. The Canteen redefines the notion of fast food – delicious, wholesome meals for breakfast and lunch, served swiftly and sustainably in an extraordinary place.

The Canteen is located on Barangaroo Avenue, Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.