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WingHAÜS by Bavarian Barangaroo is the wing-packed, sauce-smacked spinoff of Australia’s fun-loving The Bavarian family. 

They offer multiple variations of sauce-doused, American-inspired chicken wings, as well as a line-up of big-hitting burgers, hot chips, onion rings, salads, and deep-fried chocolate bars for dessert.

Featuring an impressive 40-tap line-up of German, American and other international beers with a very special collection from Australian breweries 4 Pines and Pirate Life. A range of margaritas, negroni, Aperol spritz and espresso martini are also on tap.

You’ll never miss a sports game, WingHAÜS boasts 20 BIG screens and a multi-sound WIFI system that can stream up to 30 stations and games simultaneously to individual listeners.

They’re the first Australian sports bar to use the ‘Listen Everywhere’ technology, which enables you to stream audio from any station available, via a free smartphone app.


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Location: WingHAÜS Barangaroo, Shop 1, Scotch Row, Hickson Rd, Barangaroo NSW 2000