Aurora Eora


The Streets of Barangaroo
Barangaroo NSW 2000

Aurora Eora

Type: Activities

Aurora Eora is a new experience at Barangaroo which brings its stories to life through song and art. Here's what's happening:

Public Artworks 

To illustrate the Aurora Eora stories, Art Month Sydney has curated an exhibition of large artworks by acclaimed contemporary artists​. 

Over at Watermans Cove (near Cirrus), “Studies of Barangaroo, 2017” by Tony Albert is a patchwork style piece, based on the artist’s journal entries weaving text from popular music, film, fiction and art history.

Down the road, Nawi Cove (Barangaroo Reserve) features stunning works by Joan Ross, Reko Rennie and Tony Albert.

Soundscape in the Cutaway 

From Sunday 26 March - 17 April, the music of Alice Chance and Gondwana Choirs will become an immersive sound installation in the Cutaway at Barangaroo Reserve. The soundscape takes a pre-recorded version of the song, Aurora Eora, and transforms it into an immersive and large-scale sound experience.

Entry to the installation is from 10:00am – 5:00pm, and is free.

Aurora Eora Installation

From Sunday 26 March to 16 April, a large digital screen at the Cutaway will showcase the digital animated art works associated with each composition, accompanied by the songs pre-recorded by Gondwana Choirs.

Entry to the installation is from 10:00am – 5:00pm, and is free.