Holy Basil

Opening Hours

Monday 7am-4pm
Tuesday 7am-4pm
Wednesday 7am-4pm
Thursday 7am-4pm
Friday 7am-4pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


The Canteen
Tower Two International Towers Sydney
200 Barangaroo Avenue
Sydney 2000

Holy Basil

Traditional Thai dishes act as a familiar foundation; papaya salad, crispy fried fish, home-made curry puffs, tom yum soup, stir-fry’s and the classic rainbow of curries – massaman, red, green and panang – are as good as anything you’ll enjoy in Bangkok and beyond. The journey of flavour takes a new turn with the slightly less familiar, yet equally exotic tastes of neighbouring Laos. Laos pork sausage, grilled ox tongue, marinated bbq beef and charcoal chicken are a must try for anyone in search of a very satisfying carnivorous experience. A spicy destination for a very flavoursome lunch. There’s also the favourite deep-fried ice-cream on offer, sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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