Apollo 11 at Barangaroo

11 ‘Sydmonauts’ have landed in The Streets of Barangaroo marking the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the 1969 space flight that first landed people on the moon.  

Part of Sydney Festival program, Apollo 11 at Barangaroo is a precinct-wide art installation comprising of 11 larger-than-life sculptures.

Created by Sydney-based industrial design duo Amigo and Amigo, known for their large-scale Vivid installations, the 11 sculptures pay tribute to the diverse and under-appreciated heroes of space travel, from astronauts to mathematicians and beyond.


Spend your lunch break roaming the precinct to discover all 11 sculptures hidden in unusual places around Barangaroo (hint: some of them are busy exploring the air and water as well) and learn about the 11 unsung heroes of space travel – all you have to do is point your smartphone camera at the decals next to the sculptures and let the QR code do the rest.

You will uncover some amazing stories such as; Anousheh Ansari - the first self-funded woman to fly the International Space Station, Kirsten Banks - Wiradjuri woman and science prodigy advocating for sharing Aboriginal knowledge of astronomy, Michael Collins - the third astronaut of the Apollo 11 mission, Valeri Polyakov - cosmonaut holding the record for the longest single stay in space in human history, Dr Chiaki Mukai - the first Japanese woman in space, Sheikh Muszaphar - the first Malaysian astronaut and an international ambassador for the Mars One project to create a human settlement on Mars. 


If you feel like refuelling on your moon mission, head to The Canteen to enjoy a delicious display of lunch fare where you can also grab a copy of the Moon Guide containing information about the entire Sydney Festival moon-themed program as well as the ‘Lunar Passport’ connecting moon-themed sites across the city which Sydney Festival volunteers will be stamping at the Apollo 11 hub space at Exchange Place.


Costis Venue 7
Costis 1

If you are traveling from other parts of the city, opt for a bike ride down to Wulugul Walk and add your kilometres to the Fly Me To The Moon project joining the rest of Sydney on its mission to collectively cycle the astonishing 384,400 kilometres to the moon! Register with Love to Ride here to donate your kilometres and go in the draw to win amazing prizes from Sydney Festival! 

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You can also take your little ones to a free BOXWARS workshop at Exchange Place, where you can craft your own equipment for interstellar travel and even take your new cardboard space suit and rocket ship home for future adventures.

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