Tailor-made Style

17 Jun 2019

Theodore English & Oscar Leal, BELANCÉ

In the words of high-fashion demi-god Tom Ford, dressing well is a form of good manners – and it’s a philosophy that the boys at  BELANCÉ  seem to effortlessly live by.

Theodore English and Oscar Leal, the (very) well-mannered, immaculately- presented duo behind the specialist tailor brand’s new Barangaroo store, believe dressing well is more about self-respect than it is about fashion.

“It’s all about getting the fundamentals right,” says Theo. “When you build your style on beautifully-made and designed pieces, it tells the world you value yourself. That’s the type of thing that can’t easily be communicated on a CV.” 

At BELANCÉ, there’s a carefully curated accessories (from brands including Born/Raised, Malle, and Sydney’s own Burton Metal Depository); but bespoke suiting is the heart and soul of the business.

It all starts with a tapestry of Italian and English-made fabrics, and highly skilled tailors take it from there. And since a tailored jacket might just be the best-value fashion investment you can make, the team at BELANCÉ share their thoughts on how to get it right.

BELANCÉ  is located on Scotch Row, and is open 7 days a week.