Show You Care

17 Jun 2019

Keeping new season fashion looking fresh is easy - when you have the right advice.

Springtime heralds the arrival of warm days, the smell of blossoms, and – of course - a new wardrobe!

While classic staples like cotton, linen and silk are always on the design agenda, thanks to the current revival of all things 90s, we’ll also be wearing more tulle, leather and vinyl this spring - all of which need specialist care when it comes to cleaning.

“Lighter and more delicate springtime fashion tends to need more care,” says Vivian Samaha, owner of  Silver Service Dry Cleaners . “However, even harder- wearing materials like leather and vinyl need extra care in the warmer months, thanks to higher humidity and being outdoors more often - and that includes accessories. Leather bags can look brand new after a professional clean.”

Check out Vivian’s tips below for caring for new season fabrics – and then it might be time to pull out those 90s leather gems you’ve been secretly hoarding!

Silver Service Dry Cleaners  is located on Scotch Row, and is open Monday to Friday.