Keeping It In The Family

17 Jun 2019

Justin & Louka Marmot, Shirt Bar

Most people that don a shirt and tie between Monday and Friday would know the name Ganton. It’s one of Australia’s most respected brands - a status that doesn’t happen by accident.

The family behind Ganton - and Shirt Bar - have been making shirts since 1974 (fun fact: that's before the humble VHS cassette was released!). Now, Ganton is one of the country’s longest running shirt makers, with the factory in Marrickville still producing a large part of the range each year.

At Shirt Bar, the ready-to-wear Jensen, Ganton and Louka+Sabina ranges produced by the family are a perfect mix of comfort and contemporary style, but if you like your shirts like your whisky - beautifully unique - there’s a bespoke made-to-order service for a fit like no other. Says Justin Marmot, Shirt Bar's co-owner: "You learn a thing or two after 40 years. It's a transfer of expertise from one generation to the next. There's a lot of love and knowledge that goes into every shirt."

Shirt Bar is located on the corner of Scotch Row and Shipwright Walk, and is open Monday to Friday.