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The Meat & Wine Co's Barangaroo restaurant is one of their stand-out venues - with the introduction of urban architectural designs and a new menu. The restaurant group, well known for its Afrocentric interiors and heritage dining elements, continues to offer a selection of classic and contemporary dishes with a touch of distinctive South African flavours. 
The menu celebrates a wide variety of meats; and has a strong tie-in with the drinks menu, consisting of boutique wines carefully selected to compliment any type of meat and marble score on the menu - whether it’s a high-grade Wagyu or a fillet of fish. For the first time, The Meat & Wine Co will introduce seafood items to its menu, including a generous crustacean platter. 
For the hardcore meat lovers, an exciting new addition to the menu is the limited edition Premium Steak Range. The brand’s ongoing partnership with Clover Valley Fine Foods allows for limited release cuts, constantly rotating based on availability. Experience a wide variety of cuts, such as the 1.5kg Full Blood Wagyu T-Bone (to share between four) or the 300g Hanger Steak Dry Rubbed with Native Peppers. 



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Location: 100 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo NSW 2000