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There’s no denying the link between our minds and bodies – after all, you didn’t land on this this article because your thumb or finger wanted to read it!

Sometimes, however, it feels like this link doesn’t really have our best interests at heart - like when it makes us stumble over our words when we’re nervously presenting to a big group of strangers, or decides to make us start sweating right as we’re about to ask that striking sommelier out on a date (yep, worst wingman ever).

Thankfully, there are lots of good ways in which our minds and bodies connect - and this is exactly what The Space Studio, which has just opened on The Streets, is here to help with.


About the studio

Offering a range of yoga, meditation, pilates and barre classes, The Space Studio is a place beyond the mental and physical - a place to escape, to bring balance and energy to your life, and to thrive.

The studio itself is a blank canvas for the range of mind and movement sessions on offer. The design is purposefully simple, intended to transport you from the hustle and bustle of the outside world into an instant oasis of calm.

However, there’s a sophistication hidden behind the simplicity, allowing light projections and sound to transform the intensity of the space to reflect the style of class. 

The Space Studio
The Space Studio change room

The classes

Mind and movement lie at the heart of The Space Studio, with classes designed to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Here’s what’s on offer:


Explore, flow and feel energised by linking movement and breath, while also increasing your strength and flexibility. A range of classes are available at different levels of intensity, from Vinyasa Basics (not heated) to Vinyasa Power (hot room temperature), and the slower-paced Yin Yoga.


Clear your mind with guided meditation sessions that will help you perfect the art of stillness.


Tone, strengthen and improve your flexibility as you take controlled movements that stretch and lengthen the muscles whilst focusing on the core. At the same time, you’ll also be enhancing your mental awareness and coordination.


Improve your posture, balance and tone with Barre’s flowing sequences. Taking cues from Ballet and Pilates, props are used to assist with this all-over body workout.

The Space Studio 
is located at Exchange Place (Level 2, 400 Barangaroo Avenue - opposite Bel & Brio), and is open from Monday-Saturday.

The Space Studio 3