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The Waiting Room

You might have returned to work for the new year (and lucky you if you haven't!), but there's no reason not to keep those summer holiday vibes going​.

So if you're in the market for something new to show off on your coastal getaway this weekend, or just ​looking to update some of your style staples for 2017, make sure you drop into The Waiting Room and check out their super awesome range of apparel and accessories.

Here are a few of our faves that are available in-store right now:

1. 'The Horse' watches

If you know anyone that's devoutly committed to supporting local designers, chances are you'll have seen them sporting a watch by The Horse. Since 2009, this Sydney-based brand has been creating beautiful leather goods and time-tellers, ​and become synonymous with classic, ageless style.

By ​focusing on what is essential and editing out excess, The Horse is all about "buying once, and buying well”; and this couldn't be truer than for ‘The Original’ collection of timepieces (below left), a mainstay of The Horse brand.

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2. Kaibosh sunglasses

Kaibosh is an Norwegian eyewear label that's on a mission to make eyewear more fun.

With a motto of "People will stare. Make it worth their while.", you know that their product is going to turn heads (and if you're lucky, you might even get a double take!) - and the Biblio sunglasses (above right) are no exception.

Featuring a rounded lens with a sharp top line, key-hole bridge and metal arms for that retro summer feel, you'll feel like a million kroner (or about $156,598) with these on.

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3. Orbit key

This swiss army knife of key holders is sure to help you keep more organised in 2017 (or, at the very least, help you keep your keys organised!).

By ​simply arranging your keys in a neat stack, you'll reap multiple benefits that you never knew were a problem until now (damn marketers). No longer will you see the outline of your house keys in your super skinny jeans pocket, hear them jingling while you're going for a jog around Barangaroo Reserve, or fear them scratching your brand new Google Pixel smartphone (which you haven't bothered putting a screen protector on, because, well - who knows how to put those things on properly anyway).

With additional accessories such as a bottle opener and USB stick, consider it one of life's new essentials.

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4. Salty Beach Life towels

The team from Salty Beach Life (based in Manly) aren't known to play around with words - and they haven't named their 'Perfect Beach Towels' for nothing.

Hand-made in Turkey, their Mediterranean-style beach towels tick all the boxes. They're gorgeous, ample-sized, made using 100% fast-drying ​cotton, and best of all - lightweight, which means you (or your beach sherpa) can carry more snacks, slurpees and sunscreen down to the beach.

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The Waiting Room is located on the corner of Shipwright Walk and Scotch Row, and is open 7 days a week.