Micro (by Coffee Alchemy)

The aroma of impeccably roasted coffee beans being lovingly ground to powdery perfection

Ever had that eureka moment when you experience something you love in a completely new way? For people with a healthy dependence on coffee the search for the perfect pour is never ending, and for many that search came to a divine end on the unassuming doorstep of Coffee Alchemy.

Long known (and revered) in Sydney's inner west, Coffee Alchemy has developed a cult following across the city for its religious adherence to quality and respect for the bean. Described as a pioneer in the specialty coffee scene, owner and founder Hazel de los Reyes holds accolades longer than her café's menu of single estate beans.

Micro at Barangaroo will deliver the perfect opportunity for Hazel to channel her passion for the true essence of coffee. Let the pilgrimage begin.

Micro is now open on Barangaroo Avenue, Monday to Friday.