Born by Tapavino

A celebration of wine, sherry, food and friends.

Jamon is to the Spanish what dumplings are to the Chinese, or baguettes to the French – an almost scared culinary staple that has decades, often centuries, of heritage; and stirs fiery debate on who makes it best.

Thankfully, Frank Dilernia, Born by Tapavino’s owner, has avoided controversy by serving the best damn ham you can get, in the form of the acorn fed ‘Pata Negra’ Ibérico de Bellota.

Like eveything else on the Born by Tapavino menu, the jamon is intended to be enjoyed slowly, with friends, with wine, and with a generous selection of other small plates of Catalan-inspired comfort food.

Born by Tapavino

Born is the third restaurant in the Tapavino stable, and the first to get its culinary cues from the Mediterannean coast and kitchens of Barcelona. The menu is less spicy, and dances distinctively between sweet and savoury. Most importantly, it follows the culture of sip- a-little-bit-of-this and eat-a-little-bit-of-that, which makes tapas such a joyful way to eat, and eradicates the scourge of main meal order-envy.

As you’d expect, the wine list is an encyclopedic representation of every credible wine-growing region of Spain, featuring award- winning classics, with modern drops that reinterpret the Spanish style.

“What we’ve tried to do at Born,” says Executive Chef Renee Anderson, “is create the same casual, happy, buzzy atmosphere you enjoy when eating by the sea in Barcelona. There aren’t many places that can pull that off in Sydney, and The Streets is as close as it gets.”

Born by Tapavino is ​now open on Wulugul Walk.

Watch our exclusive video with Born by Tapavino's Executive Chef, Renee Anderson.