Bel & Brio

A taste of Europe comes to The Streets

There’s just something very special about Italian tomatoes that’s hard to explain,” says Sicilian born chef Andrea Assenza. “The soil, the sun, the water, the passion of the farmers. They all combine to create a flavour that’s unlike anything else.”

Along with co-executive chef Vanessa Martin, former head chef and owner of hatted Italian Il Piave, Andrea has helped assemble a menu for Bel & Brio that is true to authentic Mediterranean traditions, and overflowing with modern influences.

The team also follow a genuine farm to table philosophy, with a selection of fresh produce used in the kitchens sourced directly from Bel & Brio’s own 20-hectare property, The Farm at Kulnura on the Central Coast.


Bel & Brio is a European-style emporium, made up of five distinct areas that house dining, bar, groceries, coffee and wine - a first for Sydneysiders. 

Bel & Brio Bar & Dining is open for lunch and dinner, offering authentic share-plate style meals, with an extensive wine selection from Bel & Brio's Cellars curated by wine legend Jon Osbeiston, complemented by an extensive classic cocktail menu by mixologist James Snelgrove, of Bentley Restaurant + Bar, Ms G’s and Button fame.

Coffee & Co is where New York meets Europe meets The Streets, and where impeccably made Will & Co coffee is served.  The Eatery - created to offer quality grab-and-go options - includes rotisserie meats, paninis, salads, home made pastas, pressed juices and treats. It’s also an inspiring place to kick start the work day or weekend with a serve of (amongst other wholesome options) Bel & Brio bread and eggs - freshly baked organic sourdough with pasture-raised eggs straight from the Bel & Brio farm.

If a recent trip through the sun-drenched hills of Emilia Romagna has inspired you to channel your inner Massimo Bottura, then think of the Marketplace as your extended home pantry, stocking the best Italian and European ingredients plus everyday staples, pasture- raised eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and freshly baked bread. Conveniently, there’s also an extensive range of fresh, chef-made ready meals.

Despite our best intentions, sometimes it’s best to leave the cooking to the experts. 

Bel & Brio is now open on The Avenue, 7 days a week.